4. Senior Professional - 360 degree feedback

What makes the difference between an outstanding professional and an average one? Your expertise is not in question, but how good are you at integrating into project teams at short notice, building relationships quickly and influencing people you don't have authority over? The feedback from this 360 gives you the insight you need to hone these vital skills and really make a difference.

Competency Framework

You must complete all mandatory competencies and can select up to 3 optional ones.

Mandatory CompetenciesOptional Competencies
Analytical thinking Adaptability/Change Management
Applied Professional and Technical skills Commercial and financial awareness
Communication Customer focus
Conceptual Thinking Decision Making
Developing self Integrity and Ethical management
Influencing Leadership and inspiring others
Innovation/Creative thinking Motivation
Relationship Building Team Working
Strategic awareness Managing Remotely
Working remotely

Mandatory Competencies

Optional Competencies - you can choose up to 3 of these

Free Type Questions