5. Team Leaders - 360 degree feedback

Do you feel undervalued? Have you the potential to rise above the day to day? How do you balance the day to day crises with demands of management and making sure that targets are met? This 360 looks at the way you keep the business running day after day whilst getting the best out of your people.

Competency Framework

You must complete all mandatory competencies and can select up to 3 optional ones.

Mandatory CompetenciesOptional Competencies
Communication Adaptability/Change Management
Customer focus Analytical thinking
Delivering results Developing self
Developing others Influencing
Integrity and Ethical management Leadership and inspiring others
Motivation Planning and Organising
Resilience Time Management
Relationship Building Managing Remotely
Team Working Working remotely

Mandatory Competencies

Optional Competencies - you can choose up to 3 of these

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