A complete 360 feedback package – as much or as little help as you need.

When people are performing at their best, strong organisation performance follows:

How can 360 feedback achieve this for your organisation?

  • Provide a platform for strategic and focused development for your management and leadership teams
  • Create a powerful, insightful and motivating experience
  • Raise self awareness and enable clarity for individuals about how they are percieved by others
  • Identify individual, team and  organisation strengths
  • Optimise performance by creating focused development plans
  • Send a positive message to everyone about the organisation commitment to their progress
  • Create a feedback culture and build


Our combination of 15 years experience of working with 360 feedback and a flexible, ..... on-line 360 system offers you an outstanding solution and support services to deliver a high impact experience for your organisation.

We offer a complete range of solutions which include:

  • Ready-to-go suite of 360 questionnaires to suit most job profiles
  • A comprehensive library of competencies – build your own questionnaire
  • Working with you to create a bespoke questionnaire or using your framework
  • Facilitated individual 360 feedback meetings with skilled & experienced coaches
  • Feedback skills training for internal team members
  • Project management of your 360 programme
  • Creating a competency framework that is right for your organisation
  • Communication materials, guidelines and other resources to support your project