Instant 360° Questionnaires

Our range of worksets and quesionnaires give you flexibility and choice. Who are your audience?

Do you want to target different levels of management with a 360°questionnaire?
Take a look at our 3 levels here – from Board Director to Team Leader

Directors and Business Leaders 360 feedback competency framework Middle Managers - 360 degree feedback questionnaire Team Leaders 360 feedback

Do you want to look at particular functions so as to assess job specific strengths and development needs?
Review our Sales and Senior Professional Questionnaires

Salesmanship - 360 degree appraisal questions Senior Professional 360 degree review

Do you want to look for specific styles of behaviour such as Emotional Intelligence?
Do you want to baseline or develop your employee’s attitude to Diversity?
Take a look at our special focus 360 questionnaires

Emotional Intelligence at work multi-rater feedback Diversity at Work - 360 review

Bespoke 360 questionnaires - designed for you.

Your Own Profile - 360 review

For the ultimate validity with your employees, we can create a tailor-made 360 tool based around your competency framework or leadership behaviours. We offer two options:

  • We will upload your internally created questions to produce a tailored 360 questionnaire.
  • We will design questions that map to your framework.
  • Don’t have a framework? We’ll work with you to build a tool based on the behaviours that matter the most to your organisation.


The prices are per workset (questionnaire and report). A workset includes everything you need to complete a 360° assessment including;

  • Questionnaires for the appraisee with as many respondents as you wish to choose.
  • The 360° User Guide.
  • The 360° Feedback Report.
  • Your Appraisal 360° Workbook.
  • Your FREE Account setup.